So to all of you who dont know me, my name is Mary. Firstly, id like to start by congratulating Heather and Justin on their first day as husband and wife. Id also like to thank everyone who helped to make this day possible for them. So now I’ll get back to Heather, and I promise to keep this short and sweet. Ive known Heather since second grade, and she is more like family to me than just a best friend. Friends are the family we choose, and we chose each other on Halloween in Oldfields middle school. We both wore the same Halloween costume and when we saw each other, we pointed across the basketball courts, I still remember this moment to this day. We’ve been through it all together. Drinking root beer in her room during a sleepover, midnight pasta, roasting marshmallows in my room, 21st birthdays, first jobs, first cars, u name it, we’ve been through it all.

I cannot begin to put into words how thrilled i am that we are all here today celebrating the beginning of their life together as husband and wife. May your life be full of family, friends, laughter and love. The best part of your love story is yet to come, my friends. I read somewhere that love is a friendship that has caught fire. May your fire burn brightly for the rest of your lives!

May your love reach out to bless all whos lives you’ve touched. May you find comfort together in shared hours of shadow as well as in the bright sunshine of joy.

***And may she always have the patience to laugh at why he cant bite apples***

Salut, to Heather and Justin!

She lie in her bedchamber awake, staring at the lush canopy above her. The fire in the hearth had grown low and a chill permeated the castle walls, causing her to shiver. She wrapped her blankets around her and rolled over and looked at the windows. They were beautiful green stained glass surrounded by dark green velvet curtains to cut the draft. They were parted open nearest her bed, she liked to stare at the windows. They were made especially for her, her favorite color was green, like nature, plants and leaves in their prime. Brilliant green to show her love of life, despite all her tribulations. Green to remember her grandmother. She thought it best to get up and replace her bedwarmer and put another log on the fire. She threw back her covers and got out of bed and set upon her task of warming her chambers. She set the blankets back over the bed and replaced the bedwarmers in the fire and took the hot ones back to her bed. She set them to warm while she wrapped herself in her warm green robes, she had declined her hair to be braided that evening so her long dark hair hung over her shoulders. She sat down by the fire and poured herself a glass of wine from the decanter on the table. She sipped her wine and gazed at the fire as it leapt to new life, and fresh warmth in front of her eyes. It was a chilly October night and she had a lot on her mind, she knew fretting over all of the days events would do her no good in court tomorrow, so she poured some sleeping draft from the castles apothecary into her wine. A queen needed her rest and her wits about her to withstand the drama and politics ahead. Just then there was a slight knock on her door, she startled and looked around for her staff to answer,  but of course they were not there as it was late.

She got up and went to the door and peeked out to see him there. Her betrothed. She stepped back and allowed him entrance.

“What are you doing here, its late?” She said.

He smiled sheepishly “I couldn’t sleep either, I figured Id see if you were awake.”

She smiled and walked back to the fire and motioned him to sit. She poured him a goblet of wine and handed it to him. He sat down next to her and they sat in silence staring at the fire, sipping the warm, mulled wine.

She found herself sinking lower into the cushions, she put her wine down and wrapped her arms around him and lay her head on his chest. Soon she was fast asleep in her fiances arms next to the warm fire. She was smiling, because despite their arranged marriage and alliance she loved him dearly. She knew she was lucky to love him so, and she also feared it was her greatest weakness as a Queen. To love the man you marry was not in the cards for royalty. It muddied things. She did not know whether to feel fortunate or non, because in matters of the heart she was in favor but in matters of the state she was weak.

Her love of him would be her greatest downfall. Isnt this always the way when we love with our hearts and not our minds.

He watched them file into the room and surround the guests, the men held up their guns in silence, everyone knew what they were saying, words were not necessary. All the guests scuttered into the center of the room crowded together, crying and cowering, not knowing what these maniacs intent was. Robert looked around making eye contact with some of the other staff members, he made a small motion flattening his hand toward the ground advising them to wait, then pointed to his eyes, meaning to watch. Just at that moment the head maniac entered the room alone flanked by two heavily armed men wearing flak jackets and masks on their faces. They walked up to the podium where Reginald was previously, but at a glance he was no where to be seen. Good thing thought Robert, he must have escaped down the tunnel when the first shots were fired. Just as he’d told him to do. Reginald was no rookie to this sort of thing.

The head maniac walked up to the microphone and adjusted it with a squeal of feedback that hurt their ears.

“Where is your host???” he demanded.

There was not a word spoken in response from anyone.

He looked to the two men flanking him and they fired shots into the ceiling causing eruptions of screams and cries from the guests.

“I don’t like to repeat myself…I will ask you all again. Where is the host???” he demanded loudly firing shots himself out across the heads of the guests.

Some brazen soul in the front shouted “He was up there before you came in, he’s gone now, I didn’t see him leave, we were all dancing and enjoying ourselves before you guys got here!”

The leader nodded and looked again at his bodyguards. He motioned for them to search. They started looking behind curtains and searched for doors. They continued to rip apart the small stage searching for where Reginald disappeared off to. They came up with nothing. He motioned one of them over to him and whispered something. One of them walked off out of the ballroom. Everyone sat in silence waiting, there were a few quiet whimpers from some of the very scared women in the crowd.

The man returned about 10 long minutes later with a man in a suit. Robert recognized him immediately as the manager. He rolled his eyes, that guy doesn’t know anything, he’s just a financial guy, a figurehead. Most of the staff don’t know anything. His guys knew though. Robert was the leader of the security force, a group of about 2 dozen elite, highly trained professionals who were in charge of securing the castle and protecting the owners, the guests and the “normal staff”.

He scanned the crowd and found his men, they had completely spread out and surrounded the guests. They were ready, he could tell by each of their faces, they’ve been through this before and they all knew exactly what to do. They were only awaiting his signal, that one move, the motion to execute. He turned his attention back to the ring leader of the maniacs that interrupted this joyous evening, and his first kiss with the beautiful Eliza. That really pissed him off. His gaze narrowed and the blue in his eyes lit on fire. He turned to Eliza and saw she was calm as a cucumber, she was sitting there watching everything, fiddling with the feathers on her dress. Her eyes met his as she sensed his attention and she smiled at him with something in her eyes that he could not pinpoint.

Eliza’s composure threw him off, he was expecting to see scared eyes, tears, fearfulness, but there was absolutely none of that. Only calmness and a kind smile. A reaction like that could only mean one thing, and it shook him to his core.

She’s one of us.

Reginald watched the two with interest while he pondered what they were thinking. Who was he kidding, it’s absolutely clear what they were thinking, lol. They fancy each other. Well great news then.

‘This is interesting’ he thought. ‘Something told me to introduce Robert to my new friend. Hmm….maybe I’ll make up an excuse that I have to get going and leave Robert to entertain Ms Eliza.’

He smiled at them. “Robert, do be a good fellow, keep Ms. Eliza company and show her a good time for me, will you now? I have to go see Mr. Collins over there…” He turned to leave.

Robert barely looked up, he seemed frozen in place with his lips on Eliza’s hand while he stared up at her. She smiled bashfully at him and looked away momentarily while she felt like a deer in headlights. She looked back at him and he kissed her hand again slowly and returned to his normal posture, but he did not let go of her hand.

“Well, dearest, most beautiful Eliza, it looks like you’ve just gotten me out of my shift and I get to enjoy the party with you now!” He leaned in closer to her and whispered in her ear “Let’s just go tell Max that he’s in charge now and to keep an eye on things, shall we?”

She smiled back at him and produced a tiny curtsy. “Lead the way, kind sir.”

He lead her across the room holding her hand until they reached the large bar at the back of the room where he motioned to her to wait. He walked around the bar and went to talk to a man in the corner. He turned to look at her and smiled and nodded at her new escort for the evening. Robert turned away and waved, and grabbed his dark blue jacket off the hook as he walked back to the end of the bar where she sipped her drink awaiting him. He put on his coat, which looked stunning with his blue bowtie, crisp white shirt and mask

He wrapped his arm around her and leaned in to speak “Ok, now that that’s taken care of, I’m officially off for the evening.” Another bartender came around the bar and handed Robert a drink. He was handed the same drink as her, it was Reginald’s signature cocktail for the evening the Masked Angel.

He thanked the man, took a big sip of his drink and turned back to her. “Well, now what would you like to do?” he asked.

She smiled at him and giggled, she was feeling happily buzzed “Oh, i don’t know…I was having a good time just being here!”

He stood there sipping his drink while looking thoughtful. “Well lets go over and have a seat for a minute and chat. We can finish our drinks. I think the dance is starting soon!”

He lead her to a lush seating area with dark blue overstuffed couches and arm chairs. He sat her down on the couch and turned towards her. She leaned back and smiled. This is SUCH a lovely evening, she thought to herself. They made small talk and she found herself giggling and reaching out to touch him. He laughed and placed his hand on her thigh affectionately and put his arm up on the couch.

He leaned into her and whispered in her ear and “Do you think Reginald did this on purpose? I think he set us up.” He said with a sparkle in his eye and grinned. She let back her head and laughed heartily.

“Oh I think he DEFINITELY did set us up. I wonder if he decided that as soon as he approached me when I walked in, or if it happened by accident.” she smirked.

“Knowing Reg, he probably saw you alone and it was like he was the cat that caught the mouse! He’s so funny, he’s really a dear friend. I’m grateful to him for introducing us.”

She closed her eyes happily and smiled and then looked at him “I too, am eternally grateful to him.”

Just then there was a booming grandiose voice over the loudspeakers “Welcome to our 10th annual masquerade ball!!! If all escorts would please lead their partners to the dance floor, the fun is about to begin!!!”

Everyone started to get up and move into the ballroom. Robert stood and reached out his hand to her “Shall we?”

She put down her glass, placed her hand in his and stood up. “Lets do this!” she said and he lead her across the room the the grandiose set of elaborate golden doors that stood open. People all filtered into the room and filled the giant ballroom with laughter and talking. They were all gathered in groups and mingling, everyone was smiling and having a fantastic time.

The music began, the first song to play was not classical ballroom music as she had expected but an older 90s version of ‘Cant Help Falling In Love’ by UB40. He spun her around and back into his arms and they swayed to the music. She smiled and laughed, the atmosphere and her escort were perfectly enchanting. Robert gazed into her eyes and they lit up as if from within, crackling lightning seemed to be sparkling through his gorgeous blue eyes and she couldn’t help but stare in wonder. She had never seen such a thing happen before, she tilted her head to the side and her face looked awe struck.

His face dropped immediately and he looked concerned, he pulled back from her slightly “What happened, is everything ok?”

She raised her eyebrows and shook her head “Yes, yes of course Robert. It’s just that I’ve never seen such beautiful eyes before, it just looked like there was light coming from within your eyes! It was amazing!”

He took her back in his arms and smiled, she wrapped her arms around his neck and he pulled her in closer. “I don’t know, I’ve never felt this way before. There’s just something about you, it’s hard to put words to it.”

She smiled up at him and knew she was going to fall in love with this man. He leaned his face in, and brushed his lips against hers, testing if he should kiss her.

It was right at this very moment that gunshots exploded through the castle and reverberated off the walls. The sound was deafening. Everyone screamed and fell to the floor, cowering from the incoming onslaught. Robert grabbed her and pushed her to the floor and covered her while he looked up to see where the gunshots had come from.

At least twenty men in black tactical gear came striding into the room holding up their assault rifles and let loose some shots into the ceiling. Bits of plaster and dust came raining down on everyone and there was screaming and crying from the guests.

Robert looked up at the men and his eyes burned with glowing blue fire.

This is not going to end well for you, he thought.

She entered the castle wearing a beautiful dark blue and gold gown, the skirt was so wide that she could easily keep others at a decent arms length away from her. She smirked from behind her masquerade mask and sighed, she wasnt sure why she had bought a ticket to this extravaganza to go to it alone. She hadnt even mentioned it to any of her friends. She purchased her gown at a consignment store for $50, it must have been someones old prom gown. It was plain dark blue with a large skirt, but with an extra large crinoline, many alterations and additions, it became a totally unrecognizable consignment gown.

She made the masquerade mask to match the gown and smiled to herself, no one will know who i am, there will be no one here who knows ME. I also have no friends here, she thought and sighed. The men dressed up at the door bowed and smiled as they opened the doors for her. The castle was exquisitely decorated, white, silver and gold flowers, balloons, candles and ribbons were draped all about the castle.

There were waitstaff in tuxedos with tails and plain white masks walking around with trays of champagne. She took a glass and smiled thank you to the waiter and took a sip. Everyone was dressed beautifully, she stood by a large column wrapped with ribbons and sipped her champagne and watched the other people laughing and talking. There was a woman in a beautiful red gown covered in shining crystals in intricate patterns that she observed and fancied the splendor of the gown inside the beautiful castle. It was like a fairy tale come true. She looked down at her gown and smiled. She had fashioned large blue feathers at the tiered hems of her gown that were painted at the tips with gold to match. She really loved her dress and she swirled her skirts to watch them move in the light. She took another sip and looked up to see an older man dressed quite regally approaching her. She looked around to see if there was anyone else near, but she was alone and looked back at him as he approached her smiling.

“Welcome to our masquerade ball, miss! I am Reginald, your host! I hope you are enjoying yourself!” He was smiling widely at her, his voice was booming and jovial.

She smiled and laughed at his merriment. “Hello Reginald, I am Eliza, this is a splendid affair you have thrown here, I am very much enjoying the atmosphere, AND the champagne!”

“Well dear, I am so glad that you could join us and that you are enjoying yourself!” He gestured to the tables and the drinks all around them. “Did you come here alone?”

“Yes, i did! I know its strange, but I thought Id enjoy being the stranger at the masquerade. Maybe ill make some new friends.” She chuckled.

“Excellent news! I would like to show you around, I will be your escort for the moment! Would you care to join me?” And he held out his arm for her.

She curtsied and took his arm. “Lead the way, my new friend!”

She sipped her champagne as he lead her around the castle and showed her all the different areas, where the different foods and drinks were. There were some games set up in different areas and lush, comfortable overstuffed couches and chairs. He was an excellent host and he went out of his way to show her around and made her feel at ease. They stopped at a drink station where he insisted that she try his signature drink for the party.

“This is the Masked Angel! Do try it, my dear! Its delightful!” He took the beautiful ice cold white drink from the bartender and handed it to her.

She smiled and took a sip and smiled at him. “Its delicious!!!” She smiled and took another big sip. “Oh my goodness its like pure coconut paradise!”

He laughed “yes, yes, our mixologist is really something else, isnt he? It packs a wallop too dear, take small sips!” He laughed noticing she had finished half of the drink while he was talking to her.

“Let me introduce you to him, there he is now!” He raised his hand and beckoned to a young man wearing a blue mask and bowtie over by the bar. “Robert! Come here, come here!” He bellowed smiling.

He came rushing over to them and hugged Reginald. He turned to her and smiled. Reginald put his arm around Robert and gestured to Eliza.

“Robert, do meet my new friend Eliza.”

He looked at her and down at her dress then back to her face where his gaze lingered on her painted red lips and smiled. He shook her hand, bowed and then lowered his lips and kissed her hand, softly and sweetly. He looked up at her and smiled. Her heart jumped as she looked into his sparkling blue eyes.

“Pleasure to meet you Robert!” She smiled bashfully.

“The pleasure is all mine, Eliza.”

Hanging, waiting, day to day

Walking through, never stay

Wishing, wanting things to change

Move the furniture, rearrange

Life happens, things go flat

Change of scene, onto the next act

Just as dreary as the one before

I turn and gaze toward the door

Is it coming? I check the time

Nay, its probably past its prime

Why do i hang on when its gone

The night is dark and goes ever on

I wish to see life through the lies

The color of the dark blue skies

A glint off the water, a sparkle of hope

Little did i know i couldnt cope

I disappointed myself and then

Gone, never to be seen again

Wishing to go back, rewind

The seal of fate was signed.

You ever have one of those days where you literally hate everything? Its called hormones, but seriously, anyway lol. Im generally a person who likes to keep positive and be happy, being grateful for what I have. I am grateful for everything i have, but today Im wishing I had done things differently. Today Im wishing that I lived in an alternate reality, on the other side of the looking glass.

If alternate reality selves are polar opposites of who you are, Id be a pretty mean and selfish person. Maybe Id be a drug addict or thief. Maybe Id be a filthy rich and corrupt person who bulldozes poor families homes to build a rich yachting community for the posh and ever snotty club, just to make myself richer and nastier. Id have a wonderful husband that id hate and treat like garbage, cheating on him constantly. Not the type to bake her non existent beloved love of her life a beautiful homemade cake or treats just because she loves him.

Not the type who pines over “the one who got away”, writing endless poetry and stories, writing songs and singing in heartfelt sorrow. Not the type who lies in bed for hours reading romance novels or watching a hallmark-esque show. Not the type who tries to help every person in need however she can, certainly not the endlessly kind type.

Shes not the type who recycles to try and rescue our planet but she does practice dumping toxic chemicals to save a buck, money laundering and extortion are on her agenda on a daily basis. She could care less for playing music or making art because it never made her a dime. She doesnt have any children to love or watch grow up and make memories. She hates sitting in porch swings listening to the crickets serenade the night. She never stares at the moon and night sky wishing she was in a better world where kindness and love overcome all obstacles. She hates puppies and owns a kill shelter just to “rid the world of flea ridden vermin, she says.

She never dreams of snuggling up with someone she loves, she sleeps in a separate bedroom from her wonderful husband and has sex with the butler late at night when she thinks her husband is sleeping. Hes not. And he hears them.

Every night.

Maybe imagining what terrible people might do or think has made me feel a little better.

Or maybe its just made me feel even worse.

So my little one just LOVED my previous painting video and wanted to help me make another one. She loved the idea of a Pusheen painting, and what better than a Mermaid Pusheen! 🧜‍♀️ So I drew up a sketch for the design, aaaaand we made the video! Part 1 of 2 videos, the finishing touches will be part 2, coming soon! Check it out!

Do you think its all in vain

To struggle day to day in pain

Or is it my most humble wish

To transmutate into a fish

Feeling pain, knowing we are alive

To know we’ve loved, hearts thrive

Like plants, surviving worst conditions

To feel the rain, its only mission

With gratitude our souls bloom

In reciprocity to the moon

Intuition, lunar guiding light

To overcome the darkest night

And in that twilight final hour

We recharge our internal power

Then awaken to start anew

And wipe away the morning dew

Dusk till dawn, the ever present ring

Wondering when i get to sing

For now till then i nod my head

And climb into my cold, hard bed.

Happy Sunday bloggers! I decided since i watch so many tutotial videos for various things on Pinterest & Youtube, & I had a blank canvas that I made, that I would make my own painting video.

I was very bored lol, I binge watched all of season 1 of Virgin River on Netflix and part of Season 2. This show is really good, and strikingly like my “The Woman in the Woods” chapters. Even down to the lead characters name! What a crazy coincidence, my best friend says i “have the strangest luck”.

So anyway, without further discussion, here is my video.